Aliprantis’ Bakery in Paros.

We work as a team, focusing on quality and technique. Together, we contribute in making our products better every day.

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Traditional bread at Paros

Because quality counts!

We always provide pure, handmade products, made with love and passion. This is our philosophy and we follow it since 1974, when we opened our first store in Parikia of Paros.


ΤCrunchy, steaming breads, with deep, rich flavor.

Sweets and treats

Inspired, delicious desserts, made with love and passion.

Traditional pies and snacks

Simple, tasty, but mainly made with top quality materials.

Bakery laboratory of Aliprantis at Paros

Bakery laboratory

All products are manufactured in our modern facilities, with traditional baking methods, strict control of the raw materials and a high hygiene and safety level.

  • picture The consistent high quality of raw materials and of the finished products is our main concern.
  • picture We know that success is the result of hard teamwork. So we carefully select our partners and our staff.

Retail stores

You can purchase our products from our stores in Parikia of Paros.

Parikia Ring Road, tel: +302284023063

Vagia Parikia, tel: +302284025003


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You can contact us by phone at +302284023063, +302284025003, +306977666588 or send us email at